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Fundraising Target For 2016-2017:  $3,000,000.00

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ASTI is a 501 (c)(3) public nonprofit whose primary function is to distribute funding to donor-designated organizations.  It is not a foundation and it does not fund grants, nor does it refer recipient organizations to agencies that might fund them.


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The inception of ASTI in 1981 sprang from the hearts and minds of a group of individuals who had traveled to India and witnessed first-hand the tremendous need of its poor and disenfranchised. We have come a long way since those nascent days, and it is all thanks to the unparalleled generosity and support of ASTI's donors.

Donating to ASTI is easy, either by mailing a check or visiting http://www.paypal.com, as indicated below:

1.  Checks may please be made payable to American Service to India and mailed to P.O. Box 2456, Costa Mesa, CA  92628-2456.  A brief notation in the memo portion of the check indicating the recipient organization to which the funds should be directed will be most helpful.

2.  At the PayPal website, reference the e-mail address LisaPiner@gmail.com to ensure that the funds are credited to American Service to India.  Also, indicating that the transfer represents a contribution to a nonprofit organization may prevent a service fee from being assessed.

Questions?  Please telephone us at (714) 662-1661.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

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